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Phoenix is dedicated to creating programs where our students are learning while having FUN!

We strive to model our programs off the Ohio Standards for Theater classes. 

See our policies at the bottom of the page

Our workshops and summer camps give budding actors a chance to strengthen their skills in a supportive environment. We help to prepare each student with the skills they need to be a well-rounded actor.

Our 2023 Season will include Aladdin Jr, Clue, and Addams Family! Check out the upcoming auditions and be sure to sign up in time!


These policies and waivers must be agreed to before enrolling in classes

REGISTRATION: Registration is due by the first day of classes. ALL families must provide updated contact information at the time of registration. It is imperative that we have a CURRENT e-mail address on file. 

MONTHLY PAYMENTS: We only accept cash and check currently. Payment is due via check or cash by the 15th of each month. Statements will be sent to your parent portal account on the 1st of the month.

BAD CHECKS: Any person who submits a bad check will be charged the fee that the bank debits our account in addition to re-payment of tuition.

CANCELLATION OF ENROLLMENT: It will be assumed that you will continue with your / your child’s arts education, consecutively, for the entirety of the season, camp, or production they have enrolled in. Session dates are listed under our ‘Classes’ tab.

If cancellation of classes is related to injury or other extenuating circumstances, please request a personal meeting with Amber Coughlin PRIOR to the new month of classes. If we do not have this meeting, it will be expected that the monthly tuition will be due in full on the 1st of the new month.


TUITION CYCLES & HOLIDAYS: Tuition is calculated on a monthly basis. We are in session for holidays such as Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Columbus Day, Presidents Day, etc. However, we are not in session for holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and more. Our yearly calendar detailing what days we will have class will be emailed to our parents once enrolled and shared on our website with continuous live updates.

LATE TUITION FEE: There will be a $15 late fee (per month) for any unpaid tuition by the 30th of the month.

TUITION ASSISTANCE: Assistance is available for families upon board approval. If you would like to request assistance, please contact Amber Coughlin directly at

DISCOUNTS: Phoenix Performing Arts offers the following tuition discounts-

 15% multi – class discount for single children enrolling in multiple classes each season. The highest priced class will be charged at full price. All classes following will be at a 15% discount!

15% sibling fee – if a family has multiple children enrolled at Phoenix Performing Arts, they shall receive a 15% discount on each added sibling. The child with the highest tuition would be charged at full tuition rate, the siblings tuition would be charged at a 15% discount.

*only one discount can be applied*

We intend for students and parents of the Phoenix performing arts to strive to behave in a positive and constructive manner at all times and to utilize truth, fairness and integrity in the development of personal decisions and relationships both inside and outside of the classroom.

Phoenix strives to offer the highest level of performing arts instruction in a positive, respectful and caring environment. In order to develop and ensure this environment, we ask all of our students and our parents/caregivers/families to abide by the following rules and code of conduct. 

Phoenix Student Code of Conduct

  • Honesty and integrity are expected.
  • Students must respect their fellow students.
  • Students must not distract, bully or harass other students.
  • Students must be polite and display good manners at all times.
  • Students must participate and respect all the teachers/staff/volunteers and their decisions.
  • Students must refrain from cursing, using offensive racial or obscene speech, gestures or written materials.
  • Students must refrain from talking back to adults or refusing to comply with reasonable requests.
  • Students must refrain from physical, mental, emotional or cyber bullying other dancers, staff, or instructors. This includes social media postings referencing directly or indirectly to a student, staff, studio brand, and/or affiliations to the studio.
  • When representing Phoenix Performing Arts, all students must continue to follow our code of conduct as they are representatives of our organization.
  • Students will respect the property and facilities of Phoenix Performing Arts. This includes but is not limited to rehearsal spaces, props, costumes, ballet bars, mats, etc.
  • Students will respect the property and facilities of performance spaces used under Phoenix Performing Arts.

Parent/Guardian Code of Conduct

  • Honesty and integrity are expected.
  • Parents are encouraged to support their child’s/children’s involvement and help them enjoy the performing arts.
  • Parents must demonstrate respect for faculty and staff at all times.
  • Parents must not raise issues of disagreement publicly.
  • Parents will not engage in inappropriate conduct towards instructors, staff, other dancers and families.
  • Parents must discourage challenging and inappropriate conduct towards instructors, staff, other students and families.
  • Parents will respect the property and facilities of Phoenix Performing Arts. This includes but is not limited to rehearsal spaces, props, costumes, ballet bars, mats, etc.
  • Parents will respect the property and facilities of performance spaces used under Phoenix Performing Arts.
  • Parents will refrain from physical, mental, emotional or cyber-bullying other students, staff, instructors or families. This includes social media postings referencing directly or indirectly to a student, staff, families, studio brand, and/or affiliations to the studio.
  • Parents will teach their children respect for other students, teachers and adults and lead by example.
  • Parents will encourage and guide their child to accept responsibility for his/her own performance and behavior.

On the occasion that repeated failure to comply with the Code of Conduct occurs, Phoenix Performing Arts reserves the right, at its discretion, to dismiss or take disciplinary action on any student or parent/guardian/family member who breach Phoenix Performing Arts’s code of conduct.

Non-Discrimination Policy 

Phoenix Performing Arts admits students of any race, color, sexual orientation, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sexual orientation, national and ethnic origin in administration of its education policies, admissions policies, scholarship programs or any other programs.

Dance Classes

Our dance classes require a more strict dress code to provide a clean slate for our dancers to place their movement on. Please follow these dress codes based off the classes your student is enrolled in – 


Jazz- Students are required to wear black leggings or capris that are form fitted (not loose) accompanied by a solid color shirt. Jazz shoes are required (tan or black).


Adult Jazz- Dancers are required to wear black leggings, shorts or capris that are form fitting accompanied by a solid colored shirt. Jazz shoes are preferred but please speak to the instructor (Amber Coughlin) if this is not possible for you.


Ballet- Students are required to have (girls) a black leotard, ballet pink tights, ballet slippers and hair in a bun or (boys) white t-shirt or black leotard, black tights, and black ballet shoes.


Theatre Classes/Musical Rehearsals


Comfort and Freedom and movement are very important for our actors. We ask that those in theatre classes or attending musical rehearsal are dressed in clothing that they can move in freely, while not having anything dragging or hanging off of them. Jazz shoes are required for performances. Students are expected to obtain them before the week of the show.

Online Classes shall be held to the same level of professionalism and rapport as our in-studio classes.

Students shall arrive to classes on time. Students arriving more than 10 minutes late to a class can be disruptive, especially in an online setting. If a student knows they will be late or unable to attend, they are to reach out to the instructor at least 12 hours in advance.

Students shall remain muted unless asked by the teacher to unmute themselves for participation. Background noise can greatly affect other students’ ability to hear and interact with the instructor. *if a student has a question, they may visibly raise their hand*

Students shall be in a room where they are separated from potential distractions. This includes but is not limited to – pets, siblings, and other music/televisions.

Students shall act with respect when interacting with the students or instructors through zoom.

Students shall be sufficiently prepared for class. We ask that students have access to a video camera for classes. For vocal instruction and theatre courses, students should also have a notebook, pen or pencil and water bottle. For dance, students should be dressed in comfortable clothing that does not inhibit movement, and have water nearby.

*Dance Class Specific* – Students shall be in an area at least 6ft x 6ft that is free of potential hazards or breakable items

Waiver of Liability / Photo & Video Release

I understand and agree that in participating in any dance class, workshop, rehearsal or performance, there is a possibility of physical injury. I agree to release and hold harmless Phoenix Performing Arts, including its teachers, dancers, staff members, and facilities from any cause of action, claims, or demands now and in the future. I will not hold Phoenix Performing Arts liable for any personal injury or any personal property damage, which may occur on the premises before, during or after classes. Furthermore, I understand that I should be aware of my, and/or my child’s physical limitations and agree not to exceed them. If I am signing this waiver for my child, I certify that I am the parent or legal guardian and have the right to waive these rights. 

Further, I authorize and agree that Phoenix Performing Arts may take and use photographs/videos of me and/or my child for purposes of record-keeping, advertising, and marketing. I understand that I do not have any rights to these photographs/videos and will not be compensated for the same. If I do not wish to have my photo or likeness used by Phoenix Performing Arts, I will contact the Executive Director to sign a secondary waiver.

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